Cadet Portal v2.2.0 and SMS v5.3.2 Released

Cadet Portal was updated to version 2.2.0 and SMS to version 5.3.2 on 27 Aug 20. There was no interruption to users.

Cadet Portal version 2.2.0 includes new areas in the cadet's profile for Medical and Files. If a medical condition, allergy or special dietary requirement has been added to the cadet's SMS record, it will be displayed in the Medical tab on the cadet's profile in Cadet Portal. It also included the latest TG How-To Guide on uniform care which has been added to the Uniform page on Cadet Portal.

SMS version 5.3.2 included minor bug fixes, as well as the ability to record "other" medical conditions.

Cadet Portal v2.2.0 Release Notes SMS v5.3.2 Release Notes