Bader Landing Site


Welcome to the new Bader Landing Site. This site is here to (hopefully) help you navigate the various systems comprising Bader and provide a singular point of information should part of Bader fail. From the landing page you can access every part of Bader via the menu at the top of the page.

Bader Bar

Social Media

We currently operate our own Twitter account @BaderSupport, which is another method to keep up to date with Bader related news. We will endeavour to tweet updates on ongoing issues and any downtime when we update our systems. @CadetPortal is another Twitter account run by the Volunteer Software Development Team which will contain information related to Cadet Portal. Finally, we also have a YouTube channel called RAF Air Cadet Instructional Videos, this channel is used to promote upcoming changes to the system and provide a place to host videos embeded in Cadet Portal.