Bader Landing Site


Welcome to the Bader Landing Site. It is here to help you navigate the various systems comprising Bader and provide a single point of information. The landing page allows you to access all aspects of Bader via the 'Bader Bar' and identify which part of the system you are currently accessing.

Bader Bar

Social Media

We currently operate a Twitter account which publishes up to date Bader related news.

In the future we also intend to host Bader help videos.

First Time using Bader

To help you learn your way around Bader we have a few helpful guides. The 'Bader Overview' is a brief description of what Bader is. Then you have 'Learning to Navigate', which is this guide. Finally 'Logging in to Bader' details how you access each of the platforms we provide.


The help section has a direct link to the Bader Helpdesk where you can raise a Service Request, view the Wiki, Release Notes, and Known Bugs.