Bader System Status

System Summery

You can see the state of each site by viewing this page and studying summary below.

Site Name Purpose
Landing Site To act as an initial introduction to Bader and provide navigation, announcements, and information relating to Bader and the wider ACO.
SharePoint A repository for documents for ACO activities. You can also find all of the latest controlled documents such as ACPS, ACTIIs, etc..
Ultilearn A dedicated learning platform, providing the resources to teach and undertake exams related to the ACO for both the Cadets and Volunteers.
SMS SMS (Squadron Management System) is a secure system to manage Squadrons, Schools, VGS, Wings and Regions covering a wide range of functions from registering Cadets with the ACO to running activities.
Web Mail Provides a secure way to communicate with other members of the ACO, ensuring information can be sent to others with a mail address without it hitting the internet domain.

Alternatively the system status is also available on the Landing page, top right.

Although self explanatory, green is working, orange is under maintenance, and finally red is offline/issues reported. Maintenance may grant some access which is likely to be intermittent and may even exhibit unusual behaviour.