Bader Login Hints & Tips

Login Screens

To access any part Bader, beyond the landing site, you will need to login. The login screens are fairly standardized across the system, however each has its own idiosyncrasies. Below are a few examples of the login screens along with any additional information you need to know about how to access that particular part of the system.

Useful Information

The following are useful terms and phrases that will be used throughout this help guide.

The majority of the login screens have a 'Bader Help Centre', possibly what led you here! The other link takes you to the Bader SyOps, these detail the acceptable usage of Bader. Finally the maintenance notice will keep you informed of upcoming changes to the site. If it is green then there are no changes planned and you need not worry to much. Should the maintenance window change to red it means there is an update taking place over the next couple of weeks which will likely result in some downtime. Date and times of the downtime along with a change long are normally included or linked to in the maintenance window.

Maintenance Window Maintenance Window


SharePoint is currently the only site that uses NTLM, or Windows Based Authentication (This will change to Forms Based Authentication upon the successful migration to SharePoint 2010). This means that you will not be greeted with a normal login page, but a popup screen asking for your username and password. If you get your username or password incorrect to many times you will see a HTTP 401.2 error page. Simply click in the URL and hit enter to try again. Too many bad password attempts will lock your account for 30 minutes.

SharePoint Login Screen

Squadron Management System

SMS, like SharePoint requires you to login with your role account. If your role account is a generic account, then you will need to enter your personal username and password in addition to the role username and password. If you use a generic account and do not believe you have a personal username and password then you will need to contact the OC of your unit.

SMS Login Screen


Like SMS, Ultilearn shares the login screen design. Unlike SMS, Ultilearn does not use your role account, but uses your service number. Your account will be automatically created for you when you are registered on SMS (This is true for Staff and Cadets) and sent to the OC of the unit you are registered on. Once you successfully login with your new user name and password, you will be prompted to change your password to something more memorable (The above is also true if you do a password reset).

The 'Forgot your password?' link will take you to a page that looks very similar to the login page, but instead only asks you for you username. Once entered an email will be sent to the email address registered against your account (normally your OCs email address).

Web Mail

Web Mail currently has its own unique login screen. It requires your role account for the username and you will also need to choose if it is a public or share computer (default selection) or if it is a private computer. Private computer should only be chosen if it is a private computer, you will be able to remain logged in and inactive for longer and have more options available to you.

Web Mail Login Screen

The final thing to note about web mail is that it is a Microsoft product. To get the best results when using it, please use internet explorer. Other browsers have been known to exhibit strange behaviour. Google Chrome for example has had and possibly still has a bug which prevents the uploading of attachments.